Beaux is a fighter who refused to give in.

She arrived at the shelter in mid April as a stray in rough shape. Her right eye was bulging and discoloured with a thick discharge covering it. Her skull was abnormally shaped around her right eye as well. After further evaluation from the WHS clinic staff, it was determined that Beaux’s injury was caused from being in a viscous dog fight.

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Meet Poochee. At 8-years-old, she came to the WHS in April with very bad teeth. She had dental x-rays done in our clinic, which showed that many of her teeth were infected at the roots and causing her pain.

She had already lost several teeth to gum disease, but WHS Veterinarian Dr. Johnston had to remove 31 teeth from Poochee, which took about 2-hours and left her with only six teeth.

After her surgeries (she also had to be spayed), Poochee went to live with a WHS foster family for two weeks so that she could recover with lots of pain medications and antibiotics. She found her forever home in May. Poochee’s total cost of care was approximately $850.

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Bison Transport came across a furry friend while unloading a semi truck last month. The semi traveled throughout Chicago and New York in the USA before stopping to unload in Winnipeg. Bison Transport called the Winnipeg Humane Society Animal Protection Officers when they noticed a cat was hiding in the trailer part of the semi. The cat, who is now cleverly named Bison, had been without food or water for about four to five days and was very scared. Winnipeg Humane Society Animal Protection Officers removed the cat from the truck and brought him back to the shelter, where he is now safe and has food and water thanks to you! Bison Transport was also kind enough to donate large bags of dog and cat food as well as cat treats for WHS animals.

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Rufus came to the WHS unable to walk or use his back legs. He went through weeks of physiotherapy and rehabilitation to get his legs moving again, and took anti-inflammatories to help with pain. We are thrilled that Rufus is now able to walk again! While he may always have neurological damage in his legs from his injuries, this doesn’t stop him from living a healthy, fulfilling life.

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captain monocle lying down, wearing cone

Captain Monocle

Captain Monocle is a two-year-old stray cat who recently came into the WHS with severe injuries. He had scratches and scabs running along his face, head, and body, and he was very thin from probably not having enough food to eat. One eye had severe damage and couldn’t be saved. Now that he is pain-free, he is a very lovable cat and loves to cuddle!
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