Beaux is a fighter who refused to give in.

She arrived at the shelter in mid April as a stray in rough shape. Her right eye was bulging and discoloured with a thick discharge covering it. Her skull was abnormally shaped around her right eye as well. After further evaluation from the WHS clinic staff, it was determined that Beaux’s injury was caused from being in a viscous dog fight.

In addition to her eye injury, Beaux seemed to be laboring on her front left leg. Her leg was permanently flexed at the carpals and seemed shorter than her right leg. After receiving her X-rays, WHS clinic staff found that there was nothing wrong with the leg and realized that it was a nerve issue causing her pain, not allowing her to move her paw and walk comfortably. In order to improve Beaux’s quality of life, WHS Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Gina Bowen, performed a left front leg amputation.

After her eye treatment and leg amputation, Beaux took some time to get used to her new and improved life. She went from being scared to stand, to hobbling around, to hopping around like the happy girl she is. We are happy to say that Beaux was adopted this past weekend and now has the forever home she deserves.

The Clinic Staff at the Winnipeg Humane Society performs incredible acts like this EVERYDAY. When an animal comes into the shelter, they ensure that it gets the treatment it needs, right away. All animals deserve a second chance regardless of their past or their medical issues. Our Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to creating these second chances and giving each animal in need a happy and pain-free life. Thanks to their dedication and the healing power of healthy, nourishing food from our Paws in Motion Clinic sponsor Hill’s Science Diet, Beaux is like a brand new (happy!) dog.