Etta my Etta

Welcome to our team’s fundraising page!

Everything we do for Paws in Motion or any furry friends is in honour of our sweet puppy Etta. We are honoured to walk in her name and to be able to make a bigger impact in Winnipeg Humane Society’s Paws in Motion.

We believe in a better future for Manitoba’s hungry, homeless, injured, and abused animals, and your donation will help us help them! If you could make a donation right now that would change the life of one abandoned animal forever… wouldn’t you do it?

Thank you for donating and putting us one step closer to our team’s goal.

David Kulbaba $2,638.00
Tim Dewart $2,100.00
Samyra Stuart-Altman $1,895.00
Terry Tweddell $1,877.00
Jill Bristow $1,785.00
Corydon Animal Hospital Team $1,376.50
Donna Taylor $1,350.00
Linda Barry $1,200.00
Andreas Rodenberg $1,200.00
Jacquie Rudolf $1,150.00